Get Ether for Deployment

We send the Ether required for contract deployment to the Deploy account created in Deploy node setup.

Ether sending

Sending Ether

  • Access the administration screen

    Please access the administration screen and login as described in the account notice (received when the service application is completed).

  • Remittance of Ether

    Select "Send Ether" from the menu.

    Admin Menu

    When you enter each item on the Send Ether screen and press "SEND ETHER", Ether will be remitted.

    Send Ether

  • SEND TO ADDRESS (destination address)

    Please correctly enter the address of the Deploy account.

  • SEND VALUE (remittance amount)

    This is the payment amount. There is an upper limit on payment amount at one time and payment amount within 24 hours and you must pay in sending, so please set it within that range.

  • Confirmation of payment

    Please access Deploy node and confirm that the account balance has increased.

    > eth.getBalance ("0xffffff ...")

    To change the display units, set as follows.

    > web3.fromWei (eth.getBalance ("0xffffff ..."), "Kwei")
    • Caution

      Even when SEND STATUS is "COMPLETE", this just indicates the transaction was accepted and the Transaction Hash was issued.

      Please note that the actual increase in ether takes time for the transaction to enter the blockchain.

      (It may take several minutes.)

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