Other Applications

Services based on Ethereum already considered elsewhere include.

  • Crowd Funding
  • Ownership control of land and credits
  • Managing/selling/sharing digital contents
  • Confidential document/important log management

Of course such ideas for applications are also implementable using this service.

In addition, the following application examples are also considered by adding access control and alternative payment offered by this service.

  • Distribution of software updates to IoT devices

    The content of the data uploaded to this service and the uploader identity are guaranteed.
    In addition, since the device that receives the update is able to be specified by signature, the access control function of this service makes it possible to securely distribute the correct software to the correct device.

    For example lately hacking of connected cars is becoming a big problem. Such secure IoT updates could serve as a solution.


  • According to the rules of the current patent system, if thinking of patenting an idea, the occurrence of the idea is set as the time of the patent application.
    Moreover, if you publish information to prove that an idea existed at some point, it becomes publicly known and it will no longer be patentable.
    By using the technology of access control of this service, by recording the idea's contents in this service at the timing of the idea, it is possible to secure the person who recorded the idea and the date and content of the idea. It will be possible to disclose the idea as necessary.
    Although the current legal system does recognize patents based on such a proof of existence, there is a possibility that this mechanism which can prove the existence of the information without publicly disclosing the information, having significant impact.

Of course, many other application ideas besides these are conceivable.

In summary, new ideas can be implemented and the feasibility of new ideas will continue to expand.

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