End User Environment

The environment that service providers need to prepare for end users.

Refer to the API document.

Get the client modules

The client modules are to help building the end user environment.

Please refer to introduction procedure here.

Description of the client modules

For more details, please check the appropriate API, but here we will explain the outline of the modules.

  • Account

    In order to use this service, the end user also needs to possess a KeyPair.
    This module is responsible for issuing and managing the KeyPair.

  • AltExecCnsContract

    This is a module to enable end users to access smart contracts using the alternative payment function.
    The basic functions are the following five methods.

    • call

      Call a contract's constant method via the API server and get the result.

    • sendTransaction

      Call a contract's transaction method via the API server.

    • sendData

      Save data using access control.

    • getData

      Get data using access control.

    • getTransactionReceipt

      Get detailed information on the transaction.

Client implementation sample

Please refer to the client implementation sample on the following page.


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