Contract Creation Process


If basic setup is has not been completed, please do that first.

Basic required steps to release

  1. Create a Contract locally

    Implement and test locally with Browser Solidity or similar.

    For information on creating a local development environment, please see the chapter Basic operation.

  2. Register the contract to CNS

    Using the deployment node to deploy and add the contract deployed to the provider's CNS.

    To add it, use ContractNameService#setContract().

    • Explanation of each variable
      • _name : bytes 32

        Name of contract

      • _version : uint

        It is the version of the contract. It starts from 0.

      • _main : address

        The address of the contract interface contract.

      • _logic : address

        It is the address of the contract's Logic contract.

  3. Register the contract ABI in the administration screen

    You may find it easier to register your contract ABI programmatically with zcom-blockchain-cp

    In order for the API server to call the new contract, the ABI, which is the contract interface, is required.

    Please enter the ABI using the administration screen.

    1. Select [ABI Registration] on the administration screen menu
    2. Enter the items on the ABI registration screen and register

      ABI Registration


        Contract address

      • GAS LIMIT

        The upper limit of GAS consumption when executing a transaction in a contract.

        If this value is exceeded when estimating GAS, no transaction is issued.

      • ABI

        The whole ABI of the contract.

Then the client modules provided by this service AltExecCnsContract, should be used to call the new contract, whereby the alternate payment processing API will be invoked.

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