Basic Configuration

Advance preparation

If you have not completed the configuration in the Introduction chapter, please do it now.

Sending of Ether to Deploy Account

Please send sufficient Ether to the deploy account from the administrator screen (URL provided when account is issued).
Please refer here for how to send Ether.

Register CNS Contract

You may find it easier to register your CNS address programmatically with zcom-blockchain-cp

The CNS contract you deployed with the Deploy account will be the basis of your smart contract application.

  1. Deploy

    Do not change the source of the CNS in the Ethereum environment, and please keep a note of the CNS address.
    If you do not know how to deploy, please refer to the chapter on Basic operation.

    • Note

      It is possible to change the behavior by changing the source, but from the service API a fixed ABI is used to call the CNS.

      Such changes are not recommended because when a change occurs at the ABI level, the CNS call from the service API will cause an error.

  2. Registering CNS address

    Since the CNS and the provider account are not linked just by deploying, register the deployed CNS address from the management screen.
    Please check the account issuance notice for the administration screen access details.

    1. Administration screen menu

      Admin Console

      Select [CNS Registration].

    2. Register CNS address

      Register CNS

      Enter the CNS address you just deployed and press [REGISTER].

The environment for creating a smart contract application is now set up.

Next, let's will look at the procedure to create an actual smart contract.

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