Preparing Deploy KeyPair

In order to deploy a Contract onto the private Ethereum network, it is necessary to create a KeyPair for deployment on the Deploy server.

Create KeyPair for Deploy

Connect to the Deploy node via SSH Port Forwarding

  • Connect to Deploy node with SSH PortForward
  • Connect to Deploy node Parity with geth client.
    $ geth attach http://localhost:8545

Create a Deploy-only account on the Deploy node.

Execute the following command to create an account.
Since you are prompted for a password, enter the password.

> personal.newAccount()

Repeat passphrase:

This creates a KeyPair for deployment on the Deploy node and saves it on the Deploy node in a password encrypted form.

  • Please make sure you do not forget the password and the address. The service side can not know these.

Confirm existence of account

Check on geth console whether the account you created exists.

> eth.accounts

Check Lock/Unlock

To create a transaction locally and issue it on the Deploy node, you need to unlock the deploy account.

An account that is unlocked on this node can be used to freely issue transactions by anyone who likewise accesses this node.
Let's lock it by password again when the contract deployment is completed so that it can not be used.

  • Unlock
    > personal.unlockAccount("0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff", "**password**", 1000)
    • The third argument is the unlock time (seconds).

    If you specify 0, you will unlock it permanently, but it's more secure to unlock it just for the time required for deployment.

  • Lock
    > personal.lockAccount("0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff", "**password**")

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