Preparing the Deploy Node (Setup)

The Deploy node can be constructed by following the procedure below.

This will create an Ubuntu 16.04 VirtualBox containing the Deploy node environment.

The Deploy node contains Parity, connected as a node to the blockchain, and handles deployment of contracts.

If you would like to use one pre-built in VirtualBox right away, please refer to Deployment node preparation (Box file)

Construction steps

  1. Preparing Ubuntu16.04

    Set Ubuntu 16.04 to the VirtualBox environment and perform SSH login.

    $ vagrant init bento/ubuntu-16.04  
    $ vagrant up --provider virtualbox  
    $ vagrant ssh
    • The default user name passphrase is as follows.
      Username : vagrant
      Passphrase : vagrant
  2. Installation of required libraries

    Install the libraries required for Parity.

    $ sudo su -
    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install openssl libssl-dev libudev-dev
    # curl -sSf | sh
  3. Installation of Parity

    With the following command, install ver 1.6.10 from the following site.

    # wget linux-gnu/parity_1.6.10_amd64.deb
    # apt-get remove parity
    # dpkg -i parity_1.6.10_amd64.deb
    • Latest Version

      2017/08/08, the latest version is 1.7.0, but when installing the latest version by the following method, we are checking the error event.

      Although we are currently checking the cause, please use the version 1.6.10 until the cause is known.

      # bash <(curl -Lk)

      If you installed 1.7.0, uninstall it once with the following command.

      # apt-get remove parity
  4. Launch Parity (temporarily start)

    Start with the next command and confirm startup.

    # parity --no-warp --geth
  5. Stop Parity

    Stop Parity by using 'Ctrl+C'.

  6. Changing setting contents

    Change the contents of the configuration files as follows.

Start / Stop

  1. Start

    Start with the following command.

    # parity --no-warp --geth &
  2. Stop

    Stop with the following command.

    # pkill -KILL -x parity

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