Deploy Node Preparation (Box File)

Since we have pre-built a BOX file following the steps in Preparation of Deploy Node (Setup) a Deploy node can be easily setup.

Installation steps

  1. Vagrant version adjustment

    Box files prepared below only work with Vagrant version 1.8.x.

    Set up version 1.8 series from the following page.

    (Operation confirmed with Ver 1.8.7)

  2. Box File download

    Download the box file from the following URL.

  3. Box file activation + login

    Start the Box file with Vagrant and login.

    $ vagrant box add local-provider-node --force
    $ vagrant init local-provider-node
    $ vagrant up
    $ vagrant ssh
    • The default user name passphrase is as follows.
      Username : vagrant
      Passphrase : vagrant

Start / Stop

The Deploy node can be started and stopped after SSH login.

  1. Start Parity
    $ sudo su -
    # ./
  2. Stop Parity
    $ sudo su -
    # ./

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