Open Source Products

You can customize a sample that actually works then deploy it. We anticipate more application ideas will arise and you will be able to build the system efficiently.

For that reason, we offer various products in a form that can be used immediately, free of charge with a modifiable and freely available license.

Please download it freely and customize it according to the service you are trying to provide.

These samples are also very useful for imagining and envisioning what the Ethereum world is about to do.

We think that it will be a big help for imagining how procedures mediated by intermediaries or third party organizations and the like would transform into open logic driven by smart contracts.

  • Ethereum's View of the World

  • Open Source Product List

    1. Medical Record Sharing

      A smart contract service that enables medical information sharing to a medical institution designated by a patient himself's intention by using a block chain.

      more detail
    2. Token Trader

      A smart contract service that allows to trade tokens conforming to the token standard specification of Ethereum "ERC20" between end users without depositing the tokens to exchanges.

      more detail
    3. Region Token

      A Smart Contract for easily issuing and operating tokens that can be used only at limited stores and facilities such as municipalities and companies. It is also compliant with ERC20, and it can be handled even with Token Trader.

      more detail
    4. Resale Deterred Ticket

      A Smart Contract that realizes simultaneous deterrence of illegal resale and paperless ticket. It prevents illegal resale to other people, by giving admission right to the unique key stored in the area where it is very difficult to retrieve inside the mobile terminal.

      more detail
    5. KYC (Know Your Customer)

      A Smart Contract that facilitates identity verification of the customer himself / herself, which is required for opening a bank account. By realizing this on the block chain, it is a program that can realize reduction of human and financial costs related to identity verification.

      more detail
    6. Pay@Table

      A Smart Contract that allows direct settlement from customers to stores through any tokens that compliant with ERC20. Settlement costs are expected to be reduced because direct settlement can be done without intermediaries such as card companies.

      more detail

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