End User Issues

To write data to the Ethereum blockchain, it is necessary to pay the cost of GAS as well as provide the signature of the user who initiates the transaction.

Since GAS is paid for with Ether, the user must have Ether, but in reality few general users have virtual currency.

We will explain the problem in this chapter.


When building smart contracts applications on Ethereum for general end users, there are the following concerns.

  • Problem of running a local Ethereum Node

    When something is written to a smart contract, the end user's terminal should run an EthereumNode.

    In order to become an Ethereum node, it is necessary to hold the complete blockchain locally. This may not be feasible for memory limited IoT devices etc.

  • Problem of having Ether

    If you want to use a smart contract application you must have an Ether.

    Currently, most people in the world do not yet possess virtual currency.

We will present a solution to the above problems.

Solution - End User Issues

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